"You'd never had guessed that Peter and Lizzy Robbins were siblings. They were like chalk and cheese. Peter — a real people person with lots of friends — seemed to know every boy under thirteen in their small slumberous town (he didn't care much about girls) and liked to be in on everything remotely interesting that happened here. Lizzy, on the contrary, was withdrawn and shy. Her best friends were books and she spent most of her time reading on the window sill or in her favorite corner of the garden. When she wasn't reading, she was tailing after Peter everywhere to his great annoyance. And while he never missed opportunities to call her a 'dumbhead' or put a frog on her pillow in the morning, he would never let anyone offend her."

This is a Giclée open edition print of my original acrylic on canvas painting with crisp detailing, printed on heavyweight acid-free archival paper. The reproduction is faithful to the original, accentuating brush strokes and canvas weave.

Pencil signing is PRINTED just below the image. White borders on all sides for framing. The listing is for print only, frame NOT included.

A V A I L A B L E * P R I N T * S I Z E S
✱ 9"x9" paper size, 6"x6" image size (square) — ORIGINAL SIZE OF THE PAINTING (approx. 23x23 cm paper size, 15x15 cm image size)
✱ 8"x10" paper size, 5"x6" image size (oval) — ORIGINAL SIZE OF THE PAINTING (approx. 20x25 cm paper size, 13x16 cm image size)

P L E A S E * N O T E
Image color may vary slightly from what you see on your screen and depends on your monitor settings.

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Animals: Bears

Type: Portrait

Type: Black and white

Characters/Objects: Animals

Size: 6 x 6 inches

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