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Hi, I'm Evgeniya — the face and hands behind Foxy & Paper. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask
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When fairytale meets creativity

Evgeniya Vladykina — painter, owner, jack-of-all-trades
Hello! I'm Evgeniya — a face behind Foxy & Paper, happy wife and proud mama, designer, illustrator and, since recently, painter (yes, I did finally say it out loud!).

I studied at art school for 7 years, but I haven't painted for about 10 long years. Until March 2017. I desperately wanted to take brushes in my hands again, and when I finally painted my first picture "Mr. Fox's Silent Walk", the feeling was so great, that I just couldn't stop! In my art I love all things whimsical, magical and animal (foxes in particular — little beasts have a special place in my heart!). My paintings are a bit fairytale, a bit surrealistic and always have a story behind them. Not only the story I put in them while painting, but also the stories people can come up with just by looking at them.

So please take a sit, make yourself comfortable and let me guide you to this magic and intriguing new world of Foxy & Paper! I hope you'll find here something that will resonate with your own heart or at least bring a smile to your face!
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Just Look What My Customers Say
thevictorianhouse Love working from home and receiving deliveries like this amazing print by @foxyandpaper! I'm still kicking myself for being too slow to buy the original just before Christmas but keeping my eyes peeled for new amazing pieces of art by this talented lady! Ballerina will soon get a frame and find her place on our living room wall, just need to paint the room first...

thevictorianhouse via Instagram on Feb 23, 2018
kelly.stires Loving my new print by @foxyandpaper go check out her paintings!

kelly.stires via Instagram on Jan 4, 2018
living_at_iris_ave Wow!!!! I have to share this post especially with @foxyandpaper as my beautiful painting arrived today! There is something magical about holding real art from an artist in your hands. There is something humbling about knowing that the person who painted it gave a little of themselves to it and therefor to you. This endearing small piece has traveled from Russia all the way to Australia and all because of a #feed I love to be apart of! So here's to #myhousethismonth for allowing me to find Foxy & Paper, I hope to add to this collection.

living_at_iris_ave via Instagram on Nov 3, 2017
simplythenest ...I came home feeling grumpy after an annoying day at work, to discover an exciting package from Russia waiting for me. I tore into it to delightedly to reveal Mr Fox, whom I had recently purchased from @foxyandpaper (you may follow her fab renovation account @foxyandbrass). I immediately decided to save the post I'd planned to share today in favour of showcasing Mr Fox cos he's so handsome and makes me laugh a lot...

simplythenest via Instagram on Sep 25, 2017
Stay tuned for the updates!
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